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Windows XP x64 Experience

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Posted 28 April 2006 - 10:01 AM

Windows XP is Windows XP your thinking...wrong!

I decided to download an evaluation copy from Microsoft to see just how well the Operating System ran and did i notice a performance boost.

Firstly if your running a 64bit machine and want to try out (limited trial) Windows XP x64 go Here

Anyway to the review!

Installation usually takes a while. With Windows XP x64 i noticed something was always happening/moving on my screen and that before long i was finished. It was quicker than my 32bit Installation of Windows XP but then i'd say that wouldn't i :headset:

The screens and questions were basically the same so you've not got to learn the whole process again.
After that i had a slightly different boot screen than what i'd seen but pretty much identical to any Windows XP machines.

Upon first boot i was happy to see the same old familiar desktop. Nothing was missing. After doing the usual tweaking and personalisation i decided to look around.

Windows XP x64 is at Service Pack 1. This is the same as Windows XP 32bit Service Pack 2. It includes the Security Center and other new features. It includes a kind of 32bit emulator that allows you to run most 32bit applications at 32bit speed (called WOW64)

For speed and performance reasons Internet Explorer is 64bit so you can be getting the most from the system. Fortunately for anyone needing to there is also the 32bit version.

Should you want Internet Explorer 7 (which is still in beta) try this 64bit version Here

Firefox 64bit

Thunderbird Mail Client Here

Remember 32bit Applications won't run at 64bit speed
Some games might not like Windows XP x64
The download link is for an evaluation copy that expires. You can ACTIVATE it over the internet but the Timebomb will run out after 120 days.

For a first time user of the Operating System i am really impressed with the speed and the stability. My machine runs really well and there are no times when it crashes or lags behind. Security with Windows XP x64 is also increased if you have an AMD 64 CPU and the standard Windows XP x64 installed on your system. (still recommend a firewall & anti-virus).

One cool thing is if you install a 32bit application it goes into a folder called Program Files (x86)
whereas 64bit applications just go into Program Files. It helps organize files (though i think its for that emulator)

Most recent systems work well with Windows XP x64. My 64bit motherboard came with drivers and XP just found my graphics for me.

Come Windows Vista we should see more from Microsoft. A serious reason to take on 64bit Computing head on and get to grips with the new concepts. Official Microsoft Windows XP x64 Webpage

Rating out of 10? 10!

Anyone who likes to mod things...change themes e.t.c you will need the 64bit version of all the dll's or files you want to replace.

Here is the wallpaper in .BMP Attached File  Windows_XP.bmp   1.37MB   527 downloads

If you liked Digg here

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Posted 28 April 2006 - 02:48 PM

I think I inspired you karl :headset: After asking for the patch several million times we both still havent found it :D I think exactly the same as you - when I installed this last year I basically couldnt use it - now I havent came across 1 program I use that dosnt work under x64 windows. I have 1.8gb of ram and MS reccomends 2 gigs to get the ultimate experience and I can say it runs REALLY well :) Not sure about the install though, I didnt notice any difference in speed

#3 Neon



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Posted 29 April 2006 - 02:14 PM

haha, you'd like to think so :cigar:

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