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December 2006 Newsletter

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Posted 24 December 2006 - 12:56 PM

X64bit Newsletter
December 2006 Volume: 2 Issue: 2

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All of us here at x64bit.net wish everyone a
Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Scara's build part 2:

All that I can say is that the progress has been excellent - Lino

“I took the Core temps after rebooting back to 3Ghz as I forgot to do it clocked.....LOL........but they are near enough as we are only talking seconds just after the Prime run......

Gonna try for 4Ghz later but it will be a struggle I think as this BIOS is very picky......had to relax timings on RAM more than I would have liked and had the RAM at 2.3v.

Looks like I'll have to really up the chipset volts for higher figures.......

Still.......only 1.8s behind RJsPC's score of 12.281s now”

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After five years, a complete restart of the entire Vista project and a year in beta testing.
Windows Vista has finally reached RTM. The final build number is 6000.16386.061101-2205. Vista GA (General Availability) will be from 30 January 2007.
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Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive Review-chriso_86

“The system comes with:
-It's own power adapter.
-A USB cable to hook the drive to your Xbox.
-A nice Media Center Universal Remote.
-Installation Disk
-King Kong (HD-DVD of course)

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We now have our own chess room thanks to brewin, so what you waiting for? Sign up



"Sorry! I didn't know where else to put this and I don't know if the quotes will work here. I'm sure the emoticons won't. You will have no problems understanding regardless.

QUOTE(GSG-9 @ Dec 6 2006, 11:04 PM) *

PS where did everyone go? the planet feels so...dead.

Reply: WFO

The old guard are all over here...


Register, click on New Posts and you will think you were here."

Athlon 64 FX-70 series launchedseries

The FX-70, FX-72 and FX-74, clocked at 2.6GHz, 2.8GHz and 3.0GHz, respectively. All three are fabbed at 90nm and contain 2MB of L2 cache. Their on-board memory controllers support up to 800MHz DDR 2 unbuffered SDRAM, AMD presentation slides reveal.

As expected, they use AMD's workstation- and server-oriented 1,207-pin Socket F infrastructure. They are each rated to consume no more than 125W of power. AMD will brand the two-socket systems as Dual Socket Direct Connect (DSDC) technology.

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Major NV driver bug on 8800 series!

On most systems, any driver from 97.28 and up has a bug in which it causes 2 of the 3 memory clock generators to stick at 400mhz regardless of what your overclocking software is telling you. Using Rivatuner you can see it happening.

Status: not RivaTuner issue, NVIDIA driver's bug, two of 3 memory clock frequency generators are really running at 400MHz

G80 boards use 3 independent memory clock frequency generators (1 generator for each 2 memory channels). When the PC is booting, core/memory clocks are set to much lower clocks comparing to the clocks set in Windows GUI, and at that time BIOS programs all 3 memory generators to 400MHz. When the OS finish loading, driver must switch all 3 generators to target memory clock. 97.02 driver does it properly, 97.28 - doesn't and leaves 2 of 3 memory clock generators running at BIOS defined 400MHz clock.


x64bit.net Projects

x64bit Screen Savers:
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x64bit Logon Screens
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More info here and here

Many thanks to vrosa x64

Water Cooling System Build - chriso_86

“Well, I am taking the plung!! (get it plung) I am going to water cooling!! I've got the radiator on the way, it is a dual fan black ice. Here is the rest of the stuff I am looking at:

Mounting Bracket
CPU Block
Fill Port
Clamps (about 15 of these)
Tubing (about 10 feet)”
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Read the rest


Hey Happy Birthday/Be-lated birthday to all of you

GSG 9-20Dec

If I have missed anyones birthday, I am sorry.

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From x64bit.net staff
Happy Holidays
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Posted 24 December 2006 - 05:26 PM

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! :scara:

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Posted 24 December 2006 - 05:51 PM

Merry christmas everyone, and a very (<--repeat until you lost count) happy new year!

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