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Anyone Remember?

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Posted 12 September 2005 - 10:19 AM

Does anyone remember how we got here?

I ran through the finished OS versions here but not all the Beta OS.

We have had Chicago, that was the 95 Alpha and Beta project, in it we first got our start menu, later we had Neptune which was scrapped but that was again a new start for MS, Neptune had a Welcome screen.

Later Windows Whistler which gave us XP in the end started off with the watercolour theme, if anyone remembers that.

I missed some out but i mentioned the ones that gave us what we have.

The Latest of course is Windows Vista (Codenamed Longhorn) which again is planned to build on XP, Microsoft were aiming to make a big a hit as 95 did, to be honest nothing seems to make it worth using so far, every feature nearly is being pulled and is planned for later release or you need a superfast pc to use it.

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