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(K)Ubuntu 10.04 released

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Posted 30 April 2010 - 04:56 PM

It's worth downloading, if you don't play too much games! The new Ubuntu installation runs smooth, everything works.

Some programs, like Plasma in KDE, and Kopete, also KDE, are still a bit unreliable, but, the big pro, it runs. FAST! Blazing fast!
there is enough negative to say, as well as positive, but the most important is the fact that it just does the job. Somtimes not entirely as fast as you might wish for, but overall, everything works just fine.

The biggest pro for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is the efficiency on which it uses the RAM. It's not anymore a hogging system, it's cleaned out, all is either loaded or unloaded.
The big pro is, your system will react faster and your harddisks aren't hogged, the big down is most applications might take a while to start, even after closing it. It just gets removed from the RAM.
Biggest con is the fact that it just isn't Windows7. It has it's flaws, mainly on KDE, I discovered that the plasma isn't always working. Sometimes it just crashes. This is usually an unintended user-error, but those should be caught by the sytem and stopped.

I guess, if you're not a gamer, (k)Ubuntu is the OS for you, let's stop the Windows Mayhem!

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