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Folding on Both Cores Using the Folding Console & GUI

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Posted 07 May 2007 - 03:27 AM

1. Download The Folding Client Console

Attached File  Download.JPG   259.02K   10 downloads

2. Once downloaded, Make a new Folder in your program file Folder and give it a unique name. Here you can see I have the Graphical Client to the Left and I made a folder for my second core on the right where im going to place the Folding Console Client.

Attached File  Program_Files.JPG   287.65K   12 downloads

3 Once you've placed the Console client in the folder, Right click on it to create a shortcut to the desktop.

Attached File  Shortcut1.JPG   286.74K   12 downloads Attached File  shortcut2.JPG   274.66K   10 downloads

4. Now lets configure the shortcut using switches.

5 Right click on the shortcut you've just made on your desktop and click on properties

Attached File  properties.JPG   367.58K   10 downloads

6. Now in the "Target" we're going to throw in a couple of switches.

Attached File  PropPreSwitch.JPG   357.44K   12 downloads

7. Type in -config -local after the "C:\Program Files\Folding@HomeCPU2\FAH504-Console.exe" so that it reads like this: "C:\Program Files\Folding@HomeCPU2\FAH504-Console.exe" -config -local (please note, there are <SPACES> between the ..." <space> -config <SPACE> -local)

8. Now Click on Apply, then Click OK

Attached File  Apply.JPG   355.96K   7 downloads Attached File  Ok.JPG   357.25K   8 downloads

9. Now double click on your shrotcut and answer the questions:

Attached File  Answers.JPG   255.33K   11 downloads

Enter your team name: Nvyseal
Team Number: 51370
Launch it as a service: (this means it will automatically start up if yes is checked)
Ask before fetching

When you get to "CHANGE ADVANCED OPTIONS" answer "yes"

Continue on until you get to the last question

Machine ID: <-- here you need to give your client a special number 1-8. I used "3". The graphical Client defaults to "1" so dont use that if your going to run 1 Graphical Client and one Console client like i am.

10. Once you've answered all the questions, the console will begin to fetch its first WU, and give you a checkpoint every 30 minutes provided you left it at its default

Attached File  Clients.JPG   299.54K   13 downloads Attached File  Status.JPG   365.97K   8 downloads

Good luck, and fold for Team x64bit.net

#2 banj0


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Posted 07 May 2007 - 03:43 AM

Nice guide NvySeal. :chriso:

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Posted 28 May 2007 - 10:09 PM

NVY that is really the only way. The counsil client at command prompt is ALMOST Impossible. Been there done that. Great advice from the top! :lol:

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Posted 29 May 2007 - 02:43 AM

very nice nvy, thanks for that :lol:

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