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[HowTo] Create Aero-Compatible Resources for Vista

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Posted 12 January 2008 - 09:41 PM

This is a guide to creating resources (usually PNGs) in aero.msstyles for skinning Vista RTM.

Programs Needed:

**Photoshop or Paint .NET (Similar programs with layers also work)
**Alpha Converter (Get it Here)

Step 1:
Create your desired image in your photo-editing program (Photoshop, etc.)
Usually the background of your image will be transparent (like the start button for example).

Step 2:
Save your image as a PNG file.

Step 3:
Open Alpha Converter and set the conversion to BMP.

Step 4:
Drag your image saved as a PNG into the Alpha Converter window.

Step 5:
Open the BMP created by Alpha Converter in your image-editing program.

Step 6:
Open your original PNG along with already-open BMP.

Step 7:
Copy the PNG over the BMP and make sure they are exactly aligned with eachother.

Step 8:
Select All (Ctrl+A) and select the background (Ctrl+Right Click).

Step 9:
Press the Delete key (Del).

Step 10:
The background (BMP) should now just be white. Now choose the Paint Bucket tool and use it to make the background black.

Step 11:
Save and overwrite the BMP without making any changes to the settings.
(It should be a 32 bit BMP)

Step 12:
Open Alpha Converter again, and set the conversion to PNG.

Step 13:
Drag the newly saved BMP into the Alpha Converter window.

Step 14:
You're done!
The resulting PNG is now Aero-Compatible (transparency with white boxes).

Hope that's not too confusing, but it really shouldn't be...


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