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Forum Rules

x64bit Board Rules


These basic rules apply to every part of the board unless stated other!

Important Information:

1. Please be aware that violations against any of these rules will be prosecuted by the Moderators and Global Moderators.

2. A warning system is in place and depending on the severity of your actions mods can freely warn you and punish you for breaking the rules.

3. x64bit reserves the right to modify those rules without notice and ban users without them reaching certain warning limit. x64bit also reserves the right to remove any post regarding specific material and sites.

4. Please search the board before making a new thread. There's a strong chance your question has already been asked and answered.

Important: In order to resolve any conflicts involving crew members (that includes Mods, Global Mods, Admins etc), we encourage everyone to report the abusive use of moderating privileges or similar problems directly to an admin or moderator. When doing so, please provide all information needed to take care of the case; if you feel that a particular person is not the right contact for your complaint, please get directly in touch with any Admin of your choice instead. Under no circumstances start threads asking why other threads were moderated. Forum moderation is not up for public debate, such threads will be deleted and the thread starter warned.

1: No flaming

1.1: No Member(s) or Crew Member(s) is allowed to engage in public personal attacks, on any other Member(s) or Crew Member(s). Such attacks are defined as personal, racial, ethnic or gender based insults, slurs or derisive comments... Criticize ideas, not people!


2: No trolling

2.1: Do not make posts that are inflammatory just to get people riled up... Substance is the key to not being labeled a troll!


3: Post in the right forums

3.1: If your topic is about something that we have a forum for, post it there.

3.2: Don't post something off-topic just because you think you'll get "better responses" in a particular forum.


4: Respect the privacy of others

4.1 Do not post other's phone numbers, pictures, any type of screen names and IM conversations without their permission, such actions will result in severe punishment by the individual that can be out of our hands.

4.2 If you are caught logging into another members account then you can consider yourself banned. We will not put up with it, Staff - you will face strict consequences if this occurs so please don't do it.

5: No spamming

5.1: Any kind of advertising about other websites or message board is not allowed. If you wish to advertise any other site, the only tolerated place for doing so is your signature, which you can edit within your profile.

5.2: Any flooding with useless content is strongly forbidden.

5.3: Posting stupid worthless threads and polls is also counted as spamming and will be taken seriously.

5.4: No links that require/contain affiliates, or associate IDs, to services, products or giveaways.


6: No obscene, pornographic or adult material

6.1: No hardcore XXX and gross pictures are allowed in any forums. However please refer to rule 6.3 for nude pictures.

6.2: In Women threads, bikini pictures or such are allowed with direct IMG.

6.3: Nude beautiful babes are not allowed this is for protection of our children and our bosses so please respect this rule.

6.4: Sites which require a form of voting are not allowed

6.5: In order to conform with the respect of others please do not post XXX images directly, do so off board.


7: No Warez

7.1: Don't post or link warez, serial numbers, keygens or any kind of crack or hack in the software or windows/mac sections.

7.2: You can talk about cracks or hacks but you are not allowed to post links or tell where to get it. Such actions will result in a warning or further action.

8: Signatures and Avatars

8.1: Please ensure that your signature and/or avatar conforms to the site rules:-

Avatar image maximum size: 128x128 (50kb)
Signature image maximum size: 400x110 (50kb)

Advertising is allowed as long as it is typed under the sig in normal font.

If your avatar and/or signature contains images over this limit, they may be removed without warning. If a PM is sent to you regarding this matter, simply change or resize your images so that they are within the rules, to avoid further action being taken. Please note that x64bit is also a 56K friendly site, so please respect our dialup members. Not everyone can get broadband!

8.2: Shockwave Sigs are allowed but we as that u keep them small enough so that it doesnt cause problems with 56k users.


9: Multiple Accounts

If any member is found with more than 1 account on the board and actively uses to spam or deceive staff or board members, both accounts and IP's will be banned from x64bit.


10: Misc.

10.1: Please refrain from using CAPITALIZATIONS in the topic title or when participating in threads because they will not attract attention.

10.2: Please use correct grammar, members and staff can not help you if we do not know what you are trying to say.

10.3: Any member that is found hotlinking x64bit files, or its mirrors without the permission of the administators will be punished severely, Actions such at this are not excusable and it eats our bandwidth so be considerate. Violation of this will result in an instant ban.

10.4 Any post made on x64bit.net by any member remains sole property of x64bit.net and will not be removed. Post wisely.

Thank you and enjoy your time here,

x64bit.net Staff

Revised 8/25/06