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Posted 21 April 2007 - 07:32 AM

View PostWFO, on Apr 20 2007, 07:46 PM, said:

Okay, they claim the benchmark machine was a Quad-core Woodcrest (whatever that is. I guarantee the average folder doesn't have one. :boom: )

Vipe, the thing I like most about you is you are a straight shooter! No politics. You just say what's on your mind. I used to be that way until it got me banned from a couple of tittybar forums. :bluerip: No need for details there. :dancing4:

I finally got a chance to read the thread after my last post. Keep your eyes peeled. I backed ya up and asked the question. Hahahaha!
:storm: Finally someone speaks the truth! I want to puke ever time someone says it's all about the science! If it were all about the science for contributors, my old P-4 laptop using a standard console client would have satisfied my moral obligation if any. For contributors, it's all about the team competition. :wink: The science is a side benefit providing a warm fuzzy feeling. The warm fuzzy feeling doesn't motivate people to run out and spend $XX,XXX on folding farms. Competition does! :-)

My E-6600 got one of these and the extra cache does indeed help. The hit was about 1 minute 20 seconds per frame. :roll: I built and ultra budget E-4300 ($160.) to stop points hemorrhaging to my old teammate Vipe. It was doing great until it got it's first 2608. It's going to take about 80 hours folding 24/7 as a dedicated folder. :roll: Fortunately I have a mobo suitable for overclocking laying around. An E-4300 just won't cut it at a stock 1.8. :P

Hey Zim, are you Zim01? If so you have to take anything Viper and I say with a grain of salt. :wink: Marty wouldn't have won his challenge without you coming to his aid. :evil:

It hit me way harder than a minute or 2 WFO and all my AMD's have 2 MB of cache.(Quad fx has 4 )The Woodcrest is the fastest Intel there is WFO at Gromacs.org the Intel Woodcrest,runs gromac faster than anything else.
Like I always said for years,your E6600 got 4mb. It obvious to see ,these WU's are made for INTEL, not any x86 processor like they claim.Why I fliped over there on the 4 core thing is like I said, the quad fx gets the same units every day they are worth 1440 it never ever got a 1760 ever. The Quad fx or Opteron would be the AMD answer to Zeon Woodcrest. Server processor.Its a dual core CPU.Clovertown is a quad version.They claim the units are 98% FPU math and 2% integer math, the main difference on preformance between AMD and Intel is on Integer math.integer math is also where the 64bits help,

On a farther note with power saving features turn on the old Opterons from 3 years ago hang right with Woodcrest on PPW.On real bench marks. So certainly the new ones beat it.

With power savings off woodcrest beat AMD hands down,but uses alot more power.

we can see here that Quad FX beats even the Quad Intel At FPU,so it should be folding faster :huh:
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Ps thanks for your support WFO !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted 21 April 2007 - 03:08 PM

View PostUSM, on Apr 20 2007, 10:39 PM, said:

Hey VG honosty is the best policy, its just that some people have trouble with honosty. What is banned??? :bluerip:

US its one of my only policies.... As for banning.... I think ive pretty much figured out that at times its just better if I sit on my fingers...lol
wink wink


sorry all but i love my dancing girl...lol

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